How much does it cost to have a laser neck surgery to tighten skin?

Michael Kulick, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Your question brings up a good topic that is misunderstood by patients – the word LASER. A laser can be used to divide tissue instead of a knife or scissors. I do this but not many doctors use this technology to actually do laser cutting surgery — to dissect the tissue off the neck or face. In my hands, I find there is a distinct advantage to such a procedure and have published a book and papers on this method.

Then there is the use of a laser to tighten the skin. This is not a cutting type of surgery but a burning of the skin, which as it heals, tightens the skin — either face or neck (the latter is tricky).

Then there is the use of a laser under the skin of the neck. This is relatively new and not as controllable as the other two uses of lasers mentioned above.  The heat from the laser can melt the fat and also tighten the neck skin.

Thus, you can see how the use of the word “laser” combined with surgery and neck skin tightening require a good deal of communication between the patient and the doctor.  The most dramatic results in my hands and from what I have seen in terms of removing / reducing “extra” skin in the neck would be in the order I answered your question. The cost would vary depending on which you had performed, where you live, expectations, etc. Right now, the range would be from $3,000 to $8,000.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Young Jeezy says:

    I don’t normally agree with the information that are given on web sites but in this case I agree.

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  3. Willietheway says:

    I have been considering getting a blepharoplasty but the blepharoplasty cost is crazy. Anyone know a good medical tourism agent that could tell me the best place to go?

    • admin says:

      Most tourist agencies do not recommend surgery outside of your local area because part of the cost is the follow up care and “if” something goes wrong or if you have questions, you would have to have additional costs to fly back out. So the best thing to do is fiind a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that is skilled in this procedure and save your money until you can afford the treatment

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  6. Tama Arndell says:

    I switched technicians simply because after a few years with Intense pulsed light, I realized the results weren’t worth their expense. Later I ordered the tria laser. They will warranty that after 2 years if hair grows again, all the treatments are actually absolutely free. They have both laser and Intense pulsed light, but I am planning to stay with laser now as Ipl did not seem to reduce the quantity of hair returning.

    • admin says:

      Be careful of any warranty!! Even with laser treatment and regardless of the device used, it would be going out on the edge to provide a warranty. So many variables, beyond the device and the technician. Make sure you understand the process of how this treatment works which should help you understand why hair re-growth can occur.

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  8. Roxane Hempe says:

    Hi, just asking if you’ve gotten any more information so I can find out a little more? Thanks.

  9. Marni Gour says:

    Very informative text. I’ve found your blog by accident but I’m really happy that i did. You have some really good info on here:)

  10. drkulick says:

    There is not a single “fixed” price for a neck lift / facelift. It depends on what the person looks like, their expectations as to what they want to look like after surgery, overall health, age, etc. Thus, the value of a consultation where I can see the issues and can make the correct recommendations and cost. This consultation can occur face-to-face visit or via pictures that you would send. The later pathway is helpful for patients that are from out of town.

  11. drkulick says:

    hopefully you have received a response to your question. If not, you can contact our office directly 415-956-2550

  12. drkulick says:


    Without a picture of the “problem” it is difficult to give an exact cost. There maybe other factors which could effect the final total cost, for example your preferred type of anesthesia. For a general idea, if only the neck were treated, it would be in the range of $6,000-8,000. If you can send me more information about yourself, I can be more specific. If you prefer to have this more personal, you can call my office and schedule a consultation. Please speak with Stephanie.

  13. drkulick says:

    There is a lot about this on my web site. Look under procedures – laser vertical facelift. You an also see visual demo in the Resources section – American Health Front video.

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