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“As a surgeon, I am rewarded by sharing in the satisfaction and fulfillment of my patients – the result of bringing the physical changes they desire to LIFE”

San Francisco Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Kulick

Dr Michael Kulick
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kulick is an internationally recognized plastic surgery expert specializing in facial procedures.

He uses cosmetic surgery to help patients overcome concerns about their physical appearance caused by birth defects, injuries, genetic structure, and the effects of aging. In these cases, the result of plastic surgery has increased self-esteem and enhanced quality of life for each patient. Having a strong level of self-esteem is one of the many factors that are part of leading an emotionally satisfying life.

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What Do Dr. Kulick Patients Think About Their Experience

  • Michael is a truly gifted surgeon. My wife's procedure was perfect, and the results after 10 years are still outstanding. He also helped with the baggage under my eyes and I am most pleased. No flash, just great results. High Confidence in Dr. Kulick.

    Mark Swartz Avatar Mark Swartz
    July 18, 2018

    Dr. Kulick is a very thorough and knowledgeable doctor! He makes you feel comfortable to ask him about anything and he will answer honestly. He doesn’t make you feel pressure to do anything you do not want to do. He is extremely nice and I am happy to recommend him to anyone I know!

    Katrina Darracq Avatar Katrina Darracq
    May 24, 2018
  • Perfect for every Asian: Attention Asians! This plastic surgeon - he is one of the rare plastic surgeons within the US who knows how to make Asians look even more perfect - is very highly recommended by me, and I'm a model, besides; the plastic surgeon is professional which makes it a truly wholesomely great experience, and he knows what to do and what to not do, next to being ultra honest with you as he is not the type of the average bad person who would agree with whatever you want just for the sake of making money out of the entire thing. Dear Asians, it's very hard to find a plastic surgeon who makes Asian looks totally gorgeous and THAT plastic surgeon is way much better than most of plastic surgeons in the Asia, and I know what I'm talking about - so please treat him like an absolutely lovely gem that you shall never ever want to give away.

    1 Global Consulting Avatar 1 Global Consulting
    April 4, 2018

    I was referred to Dr. Kulick last year by my primary care doctor after I complained of pain in my thumb on my right hand. As a specialist in hand surgery, Dr. Kulick quickly diagnosed the problem, explained in detail what was occurring, and outlined the surgery procedure and recovery time. Answering all my questions, he described in terms that I easily understood. Surgery on my right hand was successful—the pain is gone—and scars are vanishing. Indeed, I felt so secure in Dr. Kulick’s ability to diagnose and correct my medical issues that he performed a second surgery on my left hand which had some of the same problems as my right hand. Again surgery and recovery went smoothly, resolving my medical issues. I appreciate the punctual appointments, the care provided by his office, his experience, his extensive knowledge, and his precise technique. I recommend Dr. Kulick and continue to be his patient.

    Sandra Stefani Comerford Avatar Sandra Stefani Comerford
    August 7, 2018
  • 2005 A strange thing happened in the laboratory in the midst of a delicate assay with deadly pathogenic viruses. A thumb spontaneously jerked and locked, a condition called trigger thumb. Not ideal, unsteady hands could lead to accidental contamination of the area. Laboratory career was on the line. My encounter with the referred specialist was extremely negative:“no need to come to the office just go back to reception and have them schedule surgery”. That afternoon I went online searching for a list of Hand Surgeon Specialist in the area. After reading through each Doctor’s background info I decided on Dr. Michael Kulick, called for an appointment and informed my Primary Care Physician to send the referral papers. My future was at stake as I opened the door. The Receptionist was pleasant. Dr Kulick has such a calming manner as he gathers your medical history, exams your hand and then describes in detail your options. His explanation of the surgical procedure is very thorough. This was 2005. I was back in the laboratory within a short time after successful surgery. 2007 Dr. Kulick and I met again. This time it was for my wrist, Tenosynovectomy surgery repaired the damage and I was soon back in the lab. The surgical skill of Dr. Kulick allowed me to continue working until 2015 when I chose to retire. 2017 Dr. Kulick and I met again. This time more extensive surgery was needed. I was so shaken by the description that I visited the office two days later to reconfirm what he had said, my mind had frozen the first day when he mentioned cadaver tissue. Once again he explained the procedure in his calm way, explaining not only the surgery but what to expect as I recovered, what my role would be in having the best outcome. Outcome was great. It was fun living as a left-handed person for awhile as well as becoming part of the public transit community. Things are back to normal, two working hands, rebuilt wrist and the garden is blooming. Life is good thanks to the Surgical Skills of Dr. Michael Kulick.

    nombre Avatar nombre
    July 26, 2018

    Let’s just say that when a bus and a bicyclist cross paths, the bicyclist is fortunate to only have two of his fingers broken. The bicyclist is also fortunate to have received treatment from Dr. Michael Kulick because, 5 months later I am typing this using my previously injured hand. Dr. Kulick is an efficient and practiced doctor, he doesn’t sugar coat anything which I appreciated as it gave me realistic expectations and outlook through the process. The visual aids used to describe my condition throughout the process were very helpful as well. The two surgeries I received were successful and now I can tell people that I have a “hand guy.” In fact, I already referred a friend who broke some bones in their right hand to Dr. Kulick. Plus, he is conveniently located by Union Square, just be careful not to hang too many shopping bags on the injured hand.

    Eric Gollup Avatar Eric Gollup
    August 30, 2018
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