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Cellulite Treatment – An in office, non-invasive treatment that improves the contour of the skin.

The Cellulite Treatment Procedure

Achieving a smooth appearance to problem cellulite areas was once a challenge – either endure invasive, often painful procedures, or invest time and money in questionable topical treatments or diets that need to be repeated regularly.

Today, you have many options. The VelaSmooth, powered by Elos technology, uses a combination of radio frequency (electrical energy) and light energies, plus tissue mobilization with gentle suction and massage. This medical device is proven to safely and effectively re-contour the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Kulick’s research results investigating the VelaSmooth demonstrated that the results last for months! A possible reason for the longevity is that the VelaSmooth is the one of the technologies that reaches deep enough into the fat tissue to effectively improve the appearance of cellulite. The light energy pre-heats the treatment area. Simultaneously, a gentle suction and massage rollers aid in the deep penetration of the radio frequency and light energy into the fat tissue redistributing and increasing the metabolism of the fat tissue as well as stretching out the fibrous bands that contribute to the irregularities. As one of the few sites in the country to perform the FDA study for this device, Dr. Kulick has extensive experience in using this technology. He has demonstrated that it is effective for not only cellulite but also for irregularities following liposuction. In his study, a clear smoothening was observed in both young and older patients.

The SmoothShapes device has taken the non-invasvie treatment of cellulite to another level. This technology uses patented, laser diode energy combined with mechanical massage to soften the fat and then have it removed by one’s own body. The mechanical component helps facilitate this and also impacts the fibrous bands that casue the undesirable dimpleing of the skin. Dr. Kulick published an unprecedented paper that showed a significant lasting result using this technology. Six months after 8 treatments, patinets had a smoother skin surface! Unlike previous studies that relied upon photographs to demonstrate improvement, this study used the VECTRA – CR device manufactured by Canfield. This 3-D analytical tool helps eliminate the impact of lighting when comparing before and after pictures. The results are dramatic. This study also showed that patients can have an improvement in their skin contour EVEN with a weight gain.

As a pioneer in this field, Dr. Kulick is always looking to provide his patients with body contour issues the best non-surgical option.

The Cellulite Treatment

There is no “pre-treatment” required for this in-office procedure. Just bring your music, lay down and expose the area to be treated. Applying the hand piece to your skin surface creates a warm sensation in the treatment area. The treatment usually takes 15 to 45 minutes depending upon how many areas are to be treated. Many patients compare the treatment to a warm, relaxing deep tissue massage. There is no sedation required and no downtime. Support garments are recommended for the first 24 – 48 hours after each treatment. Following a series of treatments, patients notice a reduction of the appearance of cellulite and re-contouring of the skin’s surface irregularities. Patients may experience the added benefit of improved circulation. As you look at the photo gallery, you can see the dramatic results that are obtainable. With appropriate modifications, such therapy is also an ideal procedure following liposuction to aid in the elimination of swelling.

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