Skin Fillers

Skin Fillers - Plastic Surgery San Francisco California

Improves the appearance of fine lines, scars and wrinkles

Patients in their 20-60’s are often self-conscious about the lines on their face. Perhaps not significant enough for a laser or chemical treatment or if the individual does not want to undergo a recovery period, there are various methods available to plump up the undesirable lines.

Skin fillers are one of the most common procedures performed in doctor offices. The material injected ranges form one’s own fat to synthetic products such as hyaluronic acid. The concentration of the synthetic fillers used can be customized depending on the location where it is to be injected.

Most common locations for placement of such fillers are under acne or traumatic scars, the lines next to the nose – the naso-labial folds or at the corners of the mouth. Even the back of one’s hands can have fillers injected to smoothen the irregularities and loose skin.

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