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This procedure can both increase the amount of “red” lip showing as well as increase the fullness of the lips. It can also reduce the lipstick “bleed” lines.

The Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip augmentation has become a very popular procedure over the past few years. As we age, we lose volume in our lips. This adds to the undesirable lipstick “bleed lines” around the mouth. Generous full lips give the face a more youthful and sensual appearance. In addition, lip augmentation may also reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles of the lips. One option includes using your own tissue, which is implanted into the lip. Lip enhancement can be performed as a single procedure, or the finishing touch to a complete facelift. Even patients that have very thin lips can now have fuller lips that last.

Using your own tissue, involves taking tissue from an inconspicuous part of the body, often from the bikini line area, and transferringthis tissue to the lips. This tissue “graft” is inserted through four tiny incisions made near the corners of the mouth. Once healed, it is almost impossible to see these incisions. The tissue inserted is customized to the size and shape determined by you and Dr. Kulick pre-operatively. The patient has a great deal of input as to the desired final size and shape of their lip augmentation. This customization is facilitated by bringing pictures of lips that you like as well as ones that you dislike to your pre-surgery consultation. Dr. Kulick will review the pictures with you and discuss your options and expectations to determine which size will fit your specific wants and needs. For patients who do not want a scar created by taking a graft from their bikini line, Alloderm is another “graft” option. For appropriate candidates, this tissue is inserted similarly to your using your own tissue. Alloderm is human tissue donated and put through a special process to enhance its safety.

As you look at the pictures in the plastic surgery PHOTO GALLERY, see if you can tell which patients had just their upper lip or, upper and lower lip augmented. In addition, to further improve on the lines around the mouth, some patients request and receive laser skin resurfacing. This combination can make a big difference on the appearance of
the mouth area.

After Lip Enhancement

The procedure usually takes approximately one to two hours and the patient recovers at home. The lips are puffy for the first one to two weeks, but over the next few weeks, they begin to take shape. Patients who have very thin lips are extremely happy with this procedure. Many patients who wore lip liner and “overdrew” their lip line before surgery are thrilled to not have to camouflage in this manner anymore. The advantage of using your own tissue is that it will not be rejected, resulting in fewer complications. Also, a custom piece can be accurately tailored to provide balance to your face.

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