Scar Revision Treatment

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Any time a person receives a “cut,” where all of the skin layers are injured, it will result in a scar. In general, the more traumatic the initial injury, the greater the potential for an unsightly scar. If there are other factors such as skin loss or an infection, the final scar may look worse. Usually, patients need to wait 6 months to a year to have an accurate assessment of the initial repair and result. If the initial repair did not provide an optimal aesthetic result, additional treatments can be provided to improve the appearance of the skin scar. Scar revisions, where the original scar is removed and the skin is repaired with a greater attention to aesthetics can be very effective to improve the appearance of a scar.

If the injury involves a larger surface area such as occurs with a burn, the reconstructive efforts to optimize the final aesthetic result may involve multiple treatment options. These options would include a surgical scar revision, skin grafting, tissue expansion of “normal” surrounding tissue as well as laser and light energy skin treatments. A consultation with Dr Kulick will help you decided what treatments options are best for you. The photo gallery provides examples of possible scar revision results.

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