Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Laser Skin Resurfacing - Plastic Surgery San Francisco California

Provides a lasting reduction in wrinkles and fine lines as well as reduce undesirable brown spots and sun damage on the skin.

Dr. Kulick specializes in laser technology for aesthetic applications and is one of the early pioneers in plastic surgery advocating the efficacy of lasers for aesthetic procedures. He has lectured both nationally and internationally and written articles centered about safety as well as integrating lasers for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Remember the time when your skin was smooth and supple? In your youth you could not imagine what a toll the effects of time, heredity, fun in the sun, toxins in our air and unhealthy habits would take on your skin. Patients say, “I feel terrific” and have a healthy active lifestyle but are troubled by the aged appearance of their face. Modern technology has created a way to turn back the hands of time and reduce years of damage with lasers.

Laser resurfacing is designed to revitalize the skin so that it can look more youthful, even-colored and supple. This procedure removes the superficial layers of the skin with a pulsed laser, which helps to smooth facial wrinkles, acne scarring and age spots. The advantage of using a laser over chemical peels is that the depth of treatment is far better controlled and predictable. The procedure can take from one to two hours and when recuperating at home, you will have specific
instructions to follow.

One of the more common procedures performed at the same time is lip augmentation. Both procedures can make a significant improvement on the lipstick “bleed lines” around the mouth.

After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is considered an outpatient procedure and can be performed under local or general anesthesia. You will most likely return to the comfort of your own home the day of your surgery. We recommend that you have an aesthetician or someone that can assist you with your post-treatment care for the first few days to help with the recovery process. Once Dr. Kulick removes the outer layer of skin in the operating room, the healing process should yield new cells that are youthful in appearance and provide you with a softer, smoother and tighter skin. Over the next couple of weeks patients should see less lines around the mouth and eyes, less brown spots, less facial scarring from acne and an overall skin tightness. Patients feel better about how their skin looks and love the new and refreshed look. Patients are encouraged and directed to maintain a good skin care routine that includes avoiding the sun unless protected by sun block.

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