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The chin implant procedure can improve the jaw line depression below the corners of the mouth and provide a better profile in the side view.

The Chin Implant Procedure

Many people may feel that their faces are out of balance and wish to have changes made to achieve facial balance and harmony. Chin augmentation is perfect for those desiring an increased chin prominence. If you have a small, receding chin or a chin that is disproportionate to other facial features, chin enlargement can create an improved profile and a more attractive jaw line. Chin augmentation is often done in combination with other facial procedures such as a face-lift or rhinoplasty (recontouring of the nose). It really does make a difference as a “big” nose or prominent “jowl area” does not look as bad after increasing the projection of the chin when it is weak. As you look at the pictures in the PHOTO GALLERY, you can see the impact that enhancing the chin has on one’s appearance.

You are encouraged to bring pictures of chins and jaw lines that you like – and that you don’t like to your consultation. Dr. Kulick will review the pictures with you and discuss your options and expectations to determine which size implant will fit your specific facial anatomy. The implant is most frequently made of a solid flexible silicone and considered safe and biocompatible, which means your body will not likely reject it.

The incision for the chin implant can be hidden inside your mouth near the base of your lower front teeth. The chin is altered by inserting the chin implant on top of the bone, thereby increasing the chin projection. This can improve the depression in the jaw line below the corners of your mouthSuch an implant can reduce one of the signs of aging, the dreaded “jowl” fullness. In patients that have a strong or prominent nose and weak chin, this procedure can significantly improve facial balance and the profile view of the face.

After The Chin Implant Surgery

Recovery follwing a chin implant varies according to the individual. In general, most of the swelling is gone in approximately 2-3 months. Final results happen over the next 3-6 months. This time is extended if you have other procedures performed at the same time. Patients express their happiness especially when they see their profile in pictures.

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