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“I love to see how cosmetic procedures improve my patients’ self-confidence.”

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Here’s some information to help you to better understand what to expect when you’ come in for your consultation or procedure.

The Initial Call
Initial calls about the various procedures available are taken from potential patients throughout the day. If the cosmetic consultant is with other patients when you call, please leave a phone number and the best time for her to return your call. Many of your questions can be answered by her or the office nurse, at the time of this initial call. If after your phone discussions a private consultation with Dr. Kulick is desired, the cosmetic consultant will arrange to schedule one for you. And provide you with a price range for your possible procedure.

Common Questions
When thinking about cosmetic medical treatments, most people have many questions lingering in the back of their mind.

“I had sever acne from the time I was 12 years old until the age of 32. One year latter, I am very happy every time I look into the mirror. To have the burden of self-consciousness lifted off my shoulders was a great blessing and I am very grateful to Dr. Kulick.”
CM – after laser skin resurfacing

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