Dr. Kulick, the Artist

Dr. Kulick is an Artist

Egg Painting by Dr. Michael KulickDr. Kulick learned this art form as a young boy from his father. Like many children, it first started by dipping an egg into one color and then progressed into using a fine tipped pen to draw various intricate patterns. This pen contained hot wax, which was applied to the egg. In doing so, it sealed “that” color on the egg before it was the dipped into a darker color and more wax applied. The final “vision” of the egg had to be established before the first drop of was applied to the egg as there was no going back once wax touched the egg. With each sequential color and wax application, there was les and less uncovered white egg left. The final step of the “work in progress” resulted in a wax covered egg that was dipped into black dye. Then, the egg was carefully heated and all the wax removed revealing the multitude of colors and patterns.

The history of this art form goes back in time and was related to perceived, mystical and magical rites, which were considered important for survival. These painted eggs called “pysanka” were created most often in the springtime as part of the celebration of the tribes’ survival of the winter. This art form took on further significance as it became a representation of good will, hope and happiness. Each pattern on the egg has symbolic meaning, which dates back to the origin of this process. Even the colors chosen have symbolic meaning. For example, white represents purity – yellow wisdom – red reflects hope and passion – orange ambition and endurance. This art form helped Dr. Kulick not only express his creative side but also helped develop his fine motor skills at an early age.

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