It has been said the eyes don’t lie. The skin around the eyes is often the first part of the body to show signs of aging. Many patients experience the benefits of eyelid surgery with its ability to reduce bagginess, remove excess skin, and helping to improve sight caused by sagging upper eyelids. As a pioneer in laser surgery, Dr.Michael Kulick, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, is able to brighten and turn back the hands of time with eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty.

The uniqueness of everyone’s eyes requires each eyelid surgery performed customized to the patient’s needs. With your initial consultation with Dr. Kulick, you will discuss the individual benefits of electing to target the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both simultaneously. He will take the time to examine your underlying facial muscle structure, bone structure, and symmetry of your eyebrows to help decide how much skin, muscle, and/or fat needs to be removed.

Dr. Kulick utilizes a laser beam instead of a traditional scalpel during surgery. As a leader in laser surgery, his method was developed to reduce bleeding, swelling, and bruising resulting in a faster recovery time. The surgery will involve removing some fat and skin around your eyes to achieve a more rested, youthful-looking appearance. In the natural contour of the upper eyelid, an incision is made and is extremely hard to detect once the skin has healed. If you are electing lower eyelid surgery, the incision is hidden under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid to eliminate excess skin and reposition fat tissue as necessary.

Besides the advantage of a near undetectable surgery, eyelid surgery benefits are both cosmetic and health related:

cosmetic-health benefits of eyelid surgery

1. The return of youthful definition of your eyelids.

The skin on the eyelid is the thinnest of any part of the body, making it susceptible to noticeable signs of aging. The removal of excess skin results in a more youthful appearance after eyelid surgery by smoothing wrinkles and sagging skin in the upper and lower lids.

2. Patients look less tired and stressed.

Blepharoplasty’s goal is to reduce the amount of excess skin contributing to bags and puffiness of the eyelids. In addition, bulges and dark circles under the eye often cause patients to appear tired or stressed even when you’re fully awake and refreshed. By removing extra skin and fat, a rejuvenated appearance is restored.

3. Ability to fix drooping skin around the eyes.

A drooping brow or drooping eyelids result in an aged appearance. By electing eyelid surgery, the eyes will appear more open and the eyelids generally feel lighter. Sometimes it is worth the consideration of whether to have a brow lift at the same time as a “droopy brow” can significantly contribute to the appearance of the upper eyelid. The appearance of the upper eyelid is a combination of brow position and extra upper eyelid skin. Your consultation with Dr. Kulick will help you understand what procedures could be easily combined to achieve your desired results.

4. Improved vision for patients.

As we age, extra skin develops in the upper eyelid. In addition, one’s eyebrows sag that can make the upper eyelid appearance look worse and impair one’s vision. There are also a condition called “ptosis”1 where the upper eyelid position is lower and can impact vision. At a minimum, patients with ptosis often are concerned about the asymmetry if only one eyelid is affected by such a condition. By electing eyelid surgery, the muscle and the ligament in the upper eyelid can be tightened allowing the eyelid to open more fully. Surgery can improve visual quality, according to a 2016 study by the International Journal of Ophthalmology.2 Although eyelid surgery is not typically covered my health insurance, blepharoplasty may be covered to help correct vision issues.

5. Fewer migraines are possible with eyelid surgery.

There are other potential health benefits that are being explored3. Early in its research stages, eyelid surgery may ease migraines as reported in a 2014 study. Strategically placed incisions help prevent “trigger” nerves from causing migraines to reduce the overall pain and decrease the frequency of occurrence.

Regardless of your reason for choosing eyelid surgery, the benefits are easily visible with nearly undetectable incisions. The greatest advantage is the way you will look and feel after the procedure with greater self-esteem and more confidence. Keep others guessing your age or have your eyelid health issues with surgery performed by Dr. Kulick, board certified plastic surgeon of the Bay Area by contacting his offices today.

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