Answer: Unfortunately, in the case of shapeless ankles, no amount of spot exercise or diet can contour them. While not painful, cankles can make certain experiences less pleasant – snapshots of you wearing shorts and flip flops, a side view in a shoe-store mirror… You may wonder how some leggy ladies got so lucky… There IS A SECRET they’re keeping! Cankles like other minor problem areas, such as the flab the bulges around the bra strap can be treated and solved through microsuction. Microsuction is a version of liposuction that uses a tiny cannula, or tube, not much bigger in diameter than a ballpoint pen.

Microsuction has been around for more than a decade, however, not every plastic surgeon or office performs cankle-ectomys (Note: not a real term). Not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. You need to have enough ankle fat, so that post-procedure you aren’t left with lumps, which can be caused by removing tissue too close to the skin’s surface. Those with more muscular ankles and larger bones are less treatable.

cankle reduction

IF you have ample fat pads on your ankles and lower legs – lucky you! In a pre-consultation at our office we can confirm whether there’s enough tissue between your anklebone and the bottom of your calf muscle to lose plus or minus an inch in circumference per ankle. Woo Hoo!

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