Now that you have made the decision to have cosmetic nose surgery, you are probably wondering what is the right shape for your new nose? The process of figuring this out involves a combination of artistry, skill and experience on the part of your surgeon and detailed input from you. Often doctors use computer imaging to provide you a concept of what your nose may look like after surgery. It is not an absolute representation of your post-operative nose but it may help you understand what can and cannot be done.

Working With Nature

Most likely, you are seeking the services of a nose surgery doctor because you are unhappy with the current appearance of your nose. You may even love the look of a celebrity’s nose and want to emulate it on your own face. Just remember that your surgeon is limited by the confines of what Nature bestowed on you.

The features of your face, your existing skin and cartilage and your bone structure will help to determine the best nose shape for you. It will also need to complement your other features in order to look appealing and natural. In other words, your new nose will enhance the look of your current nose while downplaying the aspects you don’t like.

You’re Not Alone

What is the right shape for your new nose

When it comes to big aesthetic decisions such as nose shape, it is crucial that you find a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kulick who can consult with you every step of the way. By all means, bring pictures of the looks that appeal to you the most, keeping in mind that your surgeon can only work within the parameters of your existing nose. Also, bring in pictures of noses that are similar to yours that you do not like. This visualization is an important process regarding your final outcome.

Your nose surgery doctor will listen carefully to your ideas and then present various options that will leave your face looking balanced and well-proportioned. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the surgical and recovery processes.

You have probably invested a good deal of time and thought into getting your nose re-shaped. This popular form of plastic surgery has helped to improve the lives and self-esteem of millions of patients. As long as you have realistic expectations and find a surgeon you can trust, you have a good feeling regarding your communication during this process, nasal reconstruction surgery or also called a rhinoplasty is very likely to help you meet some of your most important aesthetic goals.

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