Question: I’ve seen a lot of lash-enhancement products on the market, particularly at Sephora. Do any of these compare to the results I can expect from Latisse?

Answer: The short answer? Latisse is the ONLY FDA approved lash growth product.
Revitalash and LashMD (no longer available) both came to market before Latisse for the purpose of lengthening and thickening of lashes. The proprietary ingredient in Latisse is bimatropost, patented by Allergan, and approved by the FDA to treat insufficient eyelashes. Interestingly, bimatropost is also used in smaller volume bottles are marketed as the prescription glaucoma drug Lumigan. (The purpose, use and directions for both products are obviously completely different.)

Lash enhancement with Latisse

Latisse requires a prescription. Users need to see a doctor, or be a current patient before being able to purchase. New patients need to obtain a consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, before they can be issued a prescription. Patients who have certain eye conditions could make the product unsafe for them to use. (Too much of the product, or improper application could create unwanted effects.)

This dedication to patient safety makes Latisse a preferred product over other cosmetic products, which do not disclose ingredients, or precautions. If you want to find out more, contact our office!

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