Your question brings up a good topic that is misunderstood by patients – the word LASER. A laser can be used to divide tissue instead of a knife or scissors. I do this but not many doctors use this technology to actually do laser cutting surgery — to dissect the tissue off the neck or face. In my hands, I find there is a distinct advantage to such a procedure and have published a book and papers on this method.

Then there is the use of a laser to tighten the skin with a vertical facelift. This is not a cutting type of surgery but a burning of the skin, which as it heals, tightens the skin — either face or neck (the latter is tricky).

laser neck lift cost

Then there is the use of a laser under the skin of the neck. This is relatively new and not as controllable as the other two uses of lasers mentioned above. The heat from the laser can melt the fat and also tighten the neck skin.

Thus, you can see how the use of the word “laser” combined with surgery and neck skin tightening require a good deal of communication between the patient and the doctor. The most dramatic results in my hands and from what I have seen in terms of removing / reducing “extra” skin in the neck would be in the order I answered your question. The cost would vary depending on which you had performed, where you live, expectations, etc. Right now, the range would be from $3,000 to $8,000.

Hope this helps.

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