non-invasive Plastic Surgerynon-invasive Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kulick recently was asked to be on TV to explain his in office, non-invasive ways to treat undesirable red / brown spots and sun damage on the skin. This is a picture of woman that underwent a series of 5 treatments using Dr. Kulick’s technique. The numbers below each picture reflect a computer analysis of her skin before and after her treatments. The higher the number, the better. In the LEFT picture, it indicates that when compared to 50 other women of her same skin type and age, she was better than 54% of them. The picture on the RIGHT indicates that after her 5 treatments, she was now better than 91% of women as it relates to her spots and sun damage! Quite an improvement.

Ongoing Follow up

Dr. Kulick is evaluating his surgical patients that received his “laser vertical facelift” to assess why their results are long lasting.