Q: I am unhappy with my nose, but I can’t afford rhinoplasty surgery. I am considering a non-surgical option, what exactly is a non-surgical nose job? Do the results last?

A: A non-surgical nose job leverages the use of safe, effective fillers (typically Radiesse) to alter the shape of the nose. This is a quick and easy alternative for those who want to improve certain features of their nose but are not yet ready for a surgical rhinoplasty. This non-invasive procedure can take less than five minutes to perform and has minimal discomfort and minimal recovery associated with it. Results typically last 6-9 months. Although you would be forgoing a rhinoplasty surgery, you should still do your research and ensure that your doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in surgical rhinoplasty.

It is important to realize that a non-surgical rhinoplasty can only be used to alter the shape by adding structure to the nose and cannot remove any structure form the nose.

A non-surgical nose job can help improve the appearance of your nose, if:

  1. Your nose has small humps or bumps
  2. You’ve had prior surgery and are overly scooped (ski slope noses)
  3. You have saddle nose deformity, also known as boxer’s nose, which is caused by collapse of nasal structures (typically caused by fracture)
  4. Your nose has Pollybeak deformity (supratip deformity)
  5. Your nose has a retracted columella (a sharp and deep angle between the upper lip and the nose)
  6. Your nose has slight asymmetry

fillers for nose job

Non-surgical rhinoplasty typically cannot help with noses with large humps, large noses, noses with significant asymmetry and noses that need tip reduction.

The most common filler material used for non-surgical rhinoplasty is Radiesse. Radiesse is ideal for non-surgical rhinoplasty because it is soft enough that it can be injected and molded into shape, yet firm enough that it maintains its shape after injection.

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