Q: I am career-driven and very busy with my job. I am interested in having a chemical peel done, but I can’t be lout of work for a long period of time to recover. How much downtime can I expect from chemical peels of different depths?

A: First you need to identify what you what to correct with the peel. Or could it be just “maintenance”? The type of peel that will meet your goals can then be selected. The recovery time depends on the peel. So, for example, if you have significant facial wrinkles, this will require a peel such as a TCA. You will be “out of commission” for about a week. If you have some areas of pigmentation, skin is dull, etc. you could do a series of glycolic peels with no downtime. So it depends on what your goals are.

downtime for a chemical peel

Patients undergoing superficial chemical peeling can expect to have mild redness and peeling, both of which can be easily covered up. More aggressive peeling (medium strength and higher) can cause a lot more swelling, redness, crusting and peeling and therefore have greater downtime.

The tradeoff is that you can get much better results with more aggressive peeling. If you are interested in a chemical peel, I’d recommend coming into the office, where we can discuss your goals and your work restrictions and come up with the best peel for you. Find us online, here: www.drkulick.com

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