Q: Hi Dr. Kulick, I’ve become increasingly aware and self-conscious of rolls of fat on my back. I think it’s noticeable even when I’m wearing loose-fitting shirts. Is liposuction the right treatment for back rolls?

A: “Back rolls” can be treated in a multitude of ways. Liposuction alone could be enough to treat these, dependent on:

  1. The degree of the condition (how large the rolls are)
  2. The quality of the skin

Liposuction can treat back rolls if they are the result of extra fat AND the skin is tight. However, once the fat is removed, the roll may deflate showing an excess of loose skin. This is, obviously, not ideal and would most likely be unpleasing to most patients. If the rolls are larger and there is an excess of loose skin, the extra skin can be excised, however, this often results in a scar.

So, how do you know if you can get away with just liposuction, or whether you’d need excision to boot? Talk to your plastic surgeon, or contact my office! We’re happy to help!