For women wanting to “press pause” on aging, the puppet facelift is gaining momentum as the procedure du jour. There’s a reason why it has garnered the nickname “puppet facelift”…

The procedure involves numbing the neck and jowl areas and pushing/pulling small pieces of string (attached to a needle) through the face to lift the cheek muscles and lower the face. The threads remain under the skin to help “pull everything together in a way that is … less ‘wind tunnel’ and more natural.” (The wind tunnel look can occur among women/men who undergo SMAS facelifts.) The threads STAY under the skin, which relax over a week-long period and retightened as collagen is produced around them. After the first week, the strings become fixed in place by the body’s scar tissue.

The immediate benefits of this procedure seem obvious: it’s considered a non-surgical treatment and it only takes approximately two hours. Additionally, in terms of facelifts, it’s relatively cost-effective: The procedure –which is practiced in London – will only set you back £950 for the first pair of threads and £700 for each additional pair (most people have two-three pairs).


  1. This procedure is NOT PRACTICED BY PLASTIC SURGEONS. That’s your first red flag. This procedure is practiced by non-qualified practitioners… do you really want just anyone pulling strings through your face?
  2. THERE CAN BE MANY COMPLICATIONS such as: dimpling, contour deformity, visibility of the threads, infection and threads coming through the skin – leaving PERMANENT VISIBLE SCARS AND DEFECTS
  3. The results last for ONLY 2 YEARS. Then what? You have strings in your face? What’s the cost of string-removal?
  4. Some Plastic surgeons call this procedure “A WASTE OF MONEY”: The results are minimal. Botox and dermal fillers may give much better results (if applied by a board-certified plastic surgeon).

puppet facelift

The moral of this story? You’ve heard it from us before: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And, if you ever have questions about whether a procedure only sounds too good to be true, call Dr. Kulick! A world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kulick actually teaches other plastic surgeons how to perform complex procedures. He can give you the lowdown and offer you sound advice. Don’t wait to feel more confident in the way you look. You deserve to feel 100% beautiful and confident!

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