The results are in! These are the top celebrity-inspired procedures, as requested by patients, according to You may be surprised by a few of these! Dr. Kulick can let you know if such cosmetic surgery could be right for you. Being a top San Francisco plastic surgeon, he has performed such plastic surgery procedures in the Bay Area, many times.

  1. Kim Kardashian’s eyes and jawline
  2. Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheekbones
  3. Beyonce’s facial structure
  4. Brad Pitt’s nose
  5. Jennifer Lawrence’s nose
  6. Natalie Portman’s nose
  7. Julia Robert’s grin
  8. Kate Middleton’s nose and smile
  9. Kim and Beyonce’s posteriors
  10. Madonna’s ageless face

What’s important to realize here, is that many of these requests are fueled by trends. It may be that in 5 years, it’s no longer de riguer to have a large, bubbly posterior. Those that requested Brazilian Butt Lifts to look like celebrities-of-the-moment may be left incredibly unhappy, as their bodies are no longer “on-trend”. Dr. Kulick always puts his patient’s needs and wants first, but he will also help guide them to find their TRUE, beautiful selves. While Jennifer Lawrence’s nose looks good on her, it may not look good on everyone.

Here’s the full article from Yahoo! Health:

If you have questions about what procedures might help you find your TRUE BEAUTY, contact Dr. Kulick’s office for a consultation!