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"As a surgeon, I am rewarded by sharing in the satisfaction and fulfillment of my patients - the result of bringing the physical changes they desire to LIFE"

Meet Dr. Kulick

Through cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kulick has helped many patients overcome their physical concerns from birth defects, deformities caused by injury, problems attributed to genetic structure, and the effects of aging.

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Dr. Kulick’s Spring Beauty Update!

There’s a fear of looking old for some, right? It could be connected to our fear of mortality, or something as simple as losing some of our attractiveness. It could be that we simply don’t want to look different (that

Why NOT travel abroad for your plastic surgery?

Let’s start with disfigurement… Thousands of patients travel to South Korea each year to have their bodies and faces reshaped to look more like the celebrities they see on television. My office staff has met potential patients who stated they

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