B; This 44 y/o woman had concerns about the upper eyelid area as well as the loose skin that was developing at the corners of her mouth and along her neck.

One of the advantages of the laser vertical facelift is that there are no incisions placed in the hairline behind the ear and that the position of the sideburn hair in front of her ear is not significantly changed after surgery.

A; First set. 2 weeks after undergoing a laser vertical facelift, endoscopic brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, she looks very good with minimal bruising and swelling.

A; Second set. 1 month after surgery, much of her swelling has subsided.

A; Third set. 3 years after surgery, the improvements observed at 1 month are still present.

A; Fourth set. 8 years after surgery, she is 54 y/o and has maintained the improvements of her facial skin, eyebrow position as well as the youthful look about her eyes.

A; Fifth set. 2 weeks after surgery, you can barely see the incisions around the sideburn area and in front of the ear.

A; Sixth set. 1 month after surgery, even without makeup, it is hard to see the incisions.

A; Seventh set. 1 year after surgery, it is difficult to see the incisions along the sideburns as the hair is growing through.

A; Eight set. 8 years after surgery, there is little evidence of her skin incisions.



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