Are you considering getting a nose job, clinically known as rhinoplasty surgery? Before going for a free introductory consultation with a plastic surgeon, take a little time to read about some of the myths about rhinoplasty.

Common Myths About Rhinoplasty

1. Rhinoplasty is Only for Those Who Just Don’t Like the Way Their Nose Looks

People have surgery done on their noses for other reasons besides changing their appearance. Some individuals have experienced facial trauma and disfigurement; others have a nasal structure that interferes with sleep and normal breathing.

A large percentage of rhinoplasty candidates don’t have surgery because they are vain, but because they have serious, life-long concerns about their nose. Surgery can actually help to raise feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

2. Nose Jobs are Simple and Can Be Done by Any Plastic Surgeon

The reality is that rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging plastic surgical procedures. The doctor who performs it must not only be an expert surgeon; he or she should also have a talent for artistry and symmetry. Every change made to the nose affects its other parts and how it appears on your face. Therefore, your doctor needs to be a scientist, an artist and an expert on proportions. Most important is that your surgeon be a good communicator. Photographic imaging is often helpful for patients to have a good idea of what their nose will look like before having the procedure.

3. Rhinoplasty is Painful and Leaves Extensive Bruising

Every patient’s situation is different. Some will actually need to have their noses broken before the operation while others will not. The skill and delicacy of your surgeon also comes into play, and you may have far less bruising that you had feared.

The procedure results in more discomfort than pain; it stems from post-surgery nasal congestion and a sore throat from the breathing tube that was inserted during the operation. Any pain you do feel can be relieved with medications that your doctor will prescribe.

4. I Can Choose Whatever Type of Nose I Want

myths about rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, one size does not fit all when it comes to rhinoplasty. What looks incredible on a celebrity or your best friend might not match with the structure of your face and will not be a viable option for you. That’s why you will have an in-depth, detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon before the procedure to arrive at a look that pleases you and is surgically appropriate. As mentioned above, communication with your doctor before surgery is very important.

5. Insurance Always Covers Rhinoplasty

Unless you can justify to your insurer that you are receiving the procedure for medical reasons, most providers will not cover it. However, if you have conditions such as a deviated septum that interfere with your breathing and keep you from sleeping or you had trauma that changed the shape of your nose, the surgery might be covered.

6. It Takes Months to Recover From Rhinoplasty

Most people return to work in two weeks or less. Some do so even sooner as long as they don’t mind wearing their bandages to work or if only the tip of their nose was changed. Three weeks after the operation, approximately 80 percent of the swelling will have gone. In most cases, you can resume driving after you stop taking narcotic medication and start back at the gym four to six weeks post-op.

Clearly, there are many myths about rhinoplasty and it isn’t exactly what many people presume it to be. Even the results, which many believe will be artificial-looking, look natural and symmetrical as long as the surgery is performed by a surgeon skilled in the procedure. Talk to Dr. Kulick today and learn how your nose can accentuate your look and give you the appearance you have always wanted.

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