The power of a well-proportioned chin is underestimated and a forgotten facial feature until you’re getting a mirrored image of yourself on a video chat or viewing your latest selfie on social media. A weak chin can exaggerate the appearance of a large nose or a short neckline. For males in our society, a recessed chin gives the false perception of timidity or weakness. By selecting the best chin implant in San Francisco under Dr. Michael Kulick, board certified plastic surgeon, you can secure facial balance and harmony.

Chin implants, known as chin augmentation, enhance the chin area to shape the face, provide structure to the facial silhouette, and frame the smile by improving the jaw line depression below the corners of the mouth. The implant is designed to restructure a receding chin, weak chin, unbalanced features, short chin, narrow chin, or a nose appearing overly large due to facial imbalance. Assess whether your chin position is in balance with the rest of your face proportion by analyzing your profile in the mirror. Draw an invisible line directly down from the front of your upper lip to the front of the lower lip. If your chin falls behind the line, an indication of a receding chin is present, which can be corrected with a chin implant surgery. Often the shape of the chin impacts the “appearance” of the nose size according to the golden ratio formula, * another assessment tool. A small chin makes a large nose appear bigger and the same can be true for a large chin effects on a small nose. Choosing chin augmentation to be combined with rhinoplasty– nose surgery – or a facelift can help achieve your desired results. Pairing procedures allows Dr. Kulick to attain the right balance and proportion between the nose and chin, along with the added benefit of only one recovery process.

Besides a general dislike of your chin, patients are electing chin augmentation to keep prestige and job competitiveness in the workplace **, including men. Baby boomers are seeking this procedure to fight signs of aging. However a majority are seeking chin changes due to constant selfies and video chat technology *** where your head tilts down, causing your chin to double up and your neck to wrinkle. A weak chin is exaggerated even more.

The chin implant helps to augment the chin to bring better balance symmetry with the rest of the face. Unlike fillers or fat grafting, a more significant and lasting change can possible in the facial contour with chin augmentation. The surgical procedure involves inserting a flexible silicone implant, to attain your desired look, on the top of the bone through a small incision. The incision can be masked inside your mouth near the base of the lower front teeth. This implant increases the chin projection, improving the depression in the jaw line below the corners of your mouth. The implant is a solid flexible silicone piece, achieving lifelong results as long as it doesn’t shift, an unlikely occurrence.Chin implant for the perfect selfie Dr. Kulick utilizes advanced materials and up-to-date placement techniques, typically silastic, which are considered safe and biocompatible, a feature to prevent the body from rejecting it and making it look as natural as possible.

The surgery generally takes less than one hour to complete unless additional procedures are completely simultaneously. Because the patient will be under either general or intravenous sedation anesthesia, another person will need to drive you home from this outpatient surgery. The majority of patients can resume non-strenuous jobs and most other daily activities within seven days after surgery. Recovery time may vary, depending on whether other cosmetic surgeries were performed and how well post-operative instructions are followed. Two to three months following surgery, most swelling is gone and your final results will be revealed after six months.

Meeting with Dr. Kulick for a chin augmentation consultation provides the opportunity to tailor your desired results and ensure every question and concern is addressed. He recommends bringing several pictures of chins and jawlines that you like – and don’t like – to your consultation. Your specific facial anatomy will be analyzed, the mandibular bone will be measured, and Dr. Kulick will select the best implant to match the current contour of your chin and create the profile you desire. He will help you choose the right implant for your face to provide harmonious and aesthetically pleasing results without looking overdone or disproportional. Implants are available in several sizes, thicknesses, and projections. The consultation also provides an platform to discuss combined surgeries to improve the appearance of the chin, jaw, and nose. Under the experience care of Dr. Kulick, he can eliminate the need for multiple surgeries to achieve beautiful facial balance.

Join female and male patients who have sought Dr. Kulick’s surgical expertise to achieve the defined and balanced profile they hoped for. With more than 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, extensive training, and continual learning, Dr. Kulick, a leading cosmetic surgeon in the San Francisco area, can ensure your aesthetic goals come to fruition, or he can rectify problems previous surgeons were unable to correct.

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