Despite the vast differences of the face a rhinoplasty (or nose surgery) can be used to enhance the appearance for those concerned about the shape of their nose. Patients of both genders choose nasal plastic surgery for any number of reasons. For some, it is performed to correct the effects of trauma. For others, it is done to correct a medical problem. And for most patients rhinoplasty is chosen in order to look and feel better about their appearance. The differences in rhinoplasty for men and women when shaping and sculpting a person’s nose to their specifications is as much an art form as it is a science.

Although cosmetic procedures of the nose are gaining popularity with both males and females, many more women than men are electing to get this procedure done. A recent survey in England showed that an average of 3000 women and 700 men each year have “nose jobs.”

Rhinoplasty For Men

Because facial features differ according to a person’s gender, the goals of rhinoplasty can reflect these variations. Males, for instance, tend to have more chiseled features, including square jaw lines and more prominent noses with higher bridges and greater mid-nose width. The thicker skin of men also “drapes” differently after surgery, requiring slight modifications in the general procedure. When rhinoplasty is performed on a man, the surgeon will makes sure to maintain the masculine integrity of the patient’s features.

Rhinoplasty For Women

Women, on the other hand, tend to want less pronounced nasal features such as a thinning of the nasal tip and a reduction of a nasal “hump” visible from a profile view. In fact, many rhinoplasty procedures on females are done to decrease the visibility of the nose and make it narrower or more defined. Often, women also request a subtle indentation just above the tip of their nose called a nasal tip break to make it appear more feminine. By so doing, the nose can be made to blend into the rest of the patient’s features rather than overwhelming them. Another feature women often desire is to have the nasal tip raised slightly.

Differences in rhinoplasty from men and women

Regardless of the differences in rhinoplasty for men and women, Dr. Kulick’s focus will be on creating the facial image that the patient wants. This means molding and modifying the nose to complement the structure of the mouth, eyes, cheeks and forehead. Using sophisticated computer technology, Dr. Kulick is often able to provide the patient an example of they may look like after surgery. Accomplishing this goal requires skill as well as an artist’s touch in order to enhance each patient’s unique and special look.

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