In general, regular exercise workouts make people feel better both physically and emotionally. Patients contemplating plastic surgery often ask if the same is true for them. What should the guidelines be for resuming exercise after plastic surgery?

Everyone is Different

Any plastic surgeon in San Francisco will tell you that there are many variables involved in determining a patient’s readiness for exercise after plastic surgery. Some are unique to each patient, including risk factors such as diabetes and cigarette use, and others have to do with the type of operation the person has received. For instance, the results of certain body contouring procedures can be dramatically improved if a patient adheres to a customized workout program.

During your consultations with Dr. Kulick and his staff, you can ask about your specific situation and where an exercise program can fit into your recovery.

General Guidelines

Some recommendations hold true regardless of what plastic surgery procedure you have undergone. During the first 48 hours after your operation, you should keep your activity level low to moderate. Over the next few weeks, you can begin to resume your regular routine as your energy and stamina increase.

Once you begin to feel better, you can begin taking short walks around your neighborhood and even riding slowly on a stationary bike. Just be sure that you don’t do anything that elevates your heart rate too high. In general, you can begin slowly working toward your former vigorous workout six weeks after your procedure.

resuming exercise after plastic surgery

Why Should You Wait?

Regardless of how physically fit you were before you had your operation, it is important to put your full-on workout on the back burner for a while. That is because resuming your pre-surgery activity level too soon can lead to serious complications. These can include swelling, inflammation, infection, a worsening of your surgical scar and the chance that your incision might re-open. Jumping the gun on resuming exercise after plastic surgery could actually nullify the benefits of your procedure and cause additional problems.

Any plastic surgical procedure requires a significant investment of money and time. Make sure yours pays off by following Dr. Kulick’s recommendations, and your recovery will be a swift and steady one. Before you know it, you will once again be able to fully participate in your physical fitness routine while showing off the new and improved you!

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