While breast augmentation surgery is a very popular procedure with an outstanding rate of patient satisfaction,* there are several reasons you may want a talented cosmetic surgeon to perform a breast implant revision surgery as you and your implants age. Many women opt to have a secondary breast augmentation to correct asymmetry, to change the size, shape or type of their implants or even to replace an implant that has begun to leak.

Breast implant revision surgery is a safe and effective aesthetic procedure when performed by a qualified breast surgeon such as San Francisco-based Dr. Michael Kulick. Learn more about how this surgery can help you regain the youthful-looking breast contours you sought to attain when you initially decided to get breast augmentation.

Reasons to Get Corrective Breast Surgery

There are many ways a breast implant revision surgery can help you look and feel better. Here are just a few things to consider.

  • You want to improve upon a previous breast implant surgery, or change the size, shape or material of your implants.
  • Your body changes physically as time goes on, and your taste may have changed as well. Some women want a larger or smaller implant after gaining or losing weight. Women who have begun to experience sagging breasts along with age and/or weight fluctuation may want to replace their implants or even combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift.
  • You have noticed breast asymmetry and feel that your breasts are different sizes.
  • One or both of your saline or silicone breast implants have ruptured and begun to leak.
  • You want your breast implants to look more natural. You may regret the size or shape of the implant you chose for your original breast augmentation surgery. Another possibility is that you received saline implants and now feel silicone would have been a better fit for your aesthetic goals, or vice versa.
  • You would like to change the placement of your breast implants. For some patients, under-the-muscle placement is their best option, while others prefer an over-the-muscle position. When you’re planning your revision augmentation, choose a qualified breast surgeon who explains how he or she can help you meet your goals for your post-surgery look. This honest discussion will also help you determine whether the surgeon can deliver the outcome you’re seeking – if your goals are not realistic, your surgeon should be up-front with you about what you can expect to achieve.
  • You wish to combine a corrective breast augmentation with a breast lift because aging, weight changes, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding have changed the appearance of your implants and caused your breasts to sag.
  • You want a surgeon to remove your breast implants entirely. A skilled breast surgeon can help ensure an optimal aesthetic outcome if you make this decision.
  • You are hoping to fix errors your original surgeon made. If the doctor you chose for your first breast augmentation didn’t take your unique needs into account and failed to tailor the procedure to suit you, it may have produced less-than-ideal results. A qualified breast surgeon should pay close attention to detail and create a personalized plan for the surgery.

Why Does Breast Implant Surgery Sometimes Not Produce the Desired Results?

Perhaps the most common thing that could lead to dissatisfaction after a breast augmentation is a disconnect between what you said you wanted and what the surgeon chose to do.qualified breast surgeon That’s why establishing a good rapport with your cosmetic surgeon is so essential. If there was any miscommunication between you and the doctor who performed your original breast surgery, you may have ended up with the wrong size, shape or type of implant for your body type or your aesthetic preference.

When seeking a cosmetic surgeon to perform your corrective breast surgery, meet with several doctors in person and ask plenty of questions to get a sense of how they will approach the procedure. The ideal doctor is a good listener whose philosophy aligns with yours. You should also look for a surgeon who is board-certified and has plenty of experience performing breast surgery.

A qualified breast surgeon should be able to avoid misunderstandings and exercise sound judgment by:

  • Respecting your desire to get a follow-up surgery
  • Coaching you through the decision-making process of choosing the right size, shape and material of implant
  • Creating a personalized plan for surgery that takes your goals into account
  • Explaining any surgical risks
  • Walking you through the breast revision process
  • Ensuring your goals and expectations match the probable outcome

The most dedicated and experienced breast surgeons will only proceed with corrective breast surgery after establishing a clear understanding with you about the goals and strategy of the process. That will not only ensure the breast surgery is successful, but that you are completely satisfied with your outcome.

In short, the very best cosmetic surgeons will always be honest with you about what you can expect, including any risks involved and how to mitigate them. When your expectations match what your surgeon can provide, you can have high hopes for your breast revision outcome.

Experience Equals Excellence

When seeking a follow-up breast surgery, look for a surgeon who is board-certified and who has honed his or her knowledge over years of practice. As one of San Francisco’s top experts in breast procedures, Dr. Kulick is recognized worldwide as a leader in his field, and he also shares his knowledge in public lectures.

With his deep understanding of the form and function of the breast tissues, Dr. Kulick knows revision breast surgery requires skills that far exceed just placing implants. For your personalized consultation about corrective breast surgery, contact Dr. Kulick’s office today.

* Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, May 2013

** Source: breastimplantinfo.org

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