Often times, when we make changes in the way we look, we feel better about our bodies and ourselves. Of course there is a dramatic change when Dr. Kulick performs a laser, vertical facelift, breast augmentation or liposuction procedure. Today, we have an unlimited number of cosmetic options at our fingertips… we can make minimal changes (a little lip filler here, a little Botox there), or more drastic ones (a Kardashian-style butt, larger breasts etc.). We can look thinner, more sexual, younger, but how will that effect us on the inside? This is the question that those interested in aesthetic procedures often hear from their friends and family and it is a good question. Dr. Kulick advises his patients…”Don’t do a procedure or any cosmetic treatment for anyone else but yourself. Seeking advice is a good thing to do but….they may not fully understand your concerns.” Who has not experienced the positive feeling after buying an attractive outfit or driving a new car?

Chances are, if you make positive physical changes (this can be as simple as getting a new haircut, hair color, or getting Voluma for fuller cheeks), you may feel more desirable, more youthful, and happier… Yes, it could change your personality or better said…let you look how you feel. You may be more outgoing and more sociable. One’s self esteem can be impacted on how they look. We all hear about the “mistakes” and radical changes of aesthetic procedures via the media. What we don’t hear about are the many positive results as they are often subtle.

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“Ever meet someone who wasn’t the most conventionally attractive guy or girl on the block, who was alluring and dynamic as hell? Here’s how plastic surgery can improve one’s likability: It can reconfigure your self-image to make you feel more attractive,” says Constance Dunn, a researcher focused on people’s perception and self-identity at University of California, Santa Barbara Extension and author of Practical Glamour. Long before this article was published, Dr. Kulick expressed a similar understanding of how one’s appearance impacts one’s self-esteem.

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