Men and women who want to look younger may choose to have a facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy. In this procedure, excess facial skin is removed and underlying tissues are tightened. Additional procedures may also be done to enhance the cheeks, eyes and forehead. After fully recovering from the procedure, patients can expect to look years younger.

That being said, a facelift does not prevent additional aging from occurring. Over time, the inexorable effects of time, stress, gravity and the sun will take their toll. For some people, skin elasticity becomes reduced and creases at the base of the nose and in the corners of their mouth may reappear. On average, patients find that they need an additional procedure anywhere from eight to 12 years after having the first one. However even though you have aged, you will always look better by having a facelift performed earlier.

Fortunately, the risks of having a second facelift are no more significant than having the initial procedure. Just as was the case when the patient was evaluated for the first rhytidectomy, a viable candidate for a repeat facelift should be in good health. Furthermore, the surgeon will take note of any undesirable results occurred after the first operation before deciding if the procedure is recommended. When having a facelift a second time often, subtle procedures such as a lip augmentation may be suggested to provide a youthful appearance.

Over the intervening years between surgeries, medical techniques will most likely have improved. Lasers are now used to dissect tissue, which reduces recovery time and post-operative discomfort. Nevertheless, a certain amount of swelling and bruising is still likely. Even so, most patients will be able to go home shortly after the operation and will have very little pain. Having the support of a family member or friend during the first few days after the procedure is something that many patients find both helpful and comforting. Anywhere between five and 10 days post-op, sutures are removed. Normal activity other than vigorous exercise can be resumed in approximately two weeks.

its time for a second facelift

If you believe that the results of your facelift are fading, why not take an hour to consult with a highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kulick? After discussing your unique situation and goals, you can determine if having a second procedure is right for you. Because it is both safe and effective, having another facelift just might give you the youthful glow you are once again seeking.

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