Full lips are becoming increasingly desirable. Thanks to the connotation of youth, beauty and facial aesthetics associated with full lips, the popularity of lip augmentation procedures continues to skyrocket. Having a facelift can leave the tell tail signs of “aging” based on the peri-oral lip wrinkling and the actual wrinkles in one’s lips. So, is lip augmentation right for you?

Lip Augmentation Trends and Technologies

One of the hottest topics in the field of cosmetic procedures is the increasing trend toward customized procedures such as lip augmentation.

Loss of volume in the face is a common side effect of the aging process including the lips. Injectable dermal fillers have increasingly become the choice among people who want to restore a more youthful appearance by minimizing wrinkles and lines around their mouth and accentuating the appearance of their lips.

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, is the basis of many dermal fillers. The results of these fillers immediately deliver a more subtle result, accentuating the curvature of the lip and reducing the wrinkles, creating a youthful pout without the need for surgery.

Another option for lip enhancement is implanting your own body tissue – NOT FAT –  into your lips. In this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will remove tissue from an inconspicuous part of the body and implant it into your lips using four tiny incisions near the corners of the mouth. Lips will look plumper with a long-lasting result.

Why Do People Choose Lip Augmentation?

Full, shapely lips can make all the difference in enhancing a woman’s appearance and self-esteem. If you find yourself still wondering, is lip augmentation right for you? Here are some reasons women get it done.

  • Wanting to restore a younger, sexier appearance: Nothing is sexier than a woman who feels confident in her appearance. Plump, full lips are one of the ways to achieve that confidence. Lip augmentation can smooth the lips and add fullness to their shape to counteract aging and restore a more youthful smile.
  • Smile is asymmetrical or too thin: Many women want to increase their lip size to draw more attention to their smile. Often when someone smiles, their lips become thinner. While lip liner and lipstick offer temporary solutions, lip augmentation can bring long-lasting results. Sometimes, the goal of lip augmentation is to balance out the appearance of facial features to enhance overall beauty. Other times, it’s about improving the shape of lips to enhance lips that are too thin, or to add roundness and curves to flatter lips.

Lip Augmentation – Fact or Fiction?

Is lip augmentation right for you?

Do you find yourself still asking, “Is lip augmentation right for you?” Even people who would benefit from a lip augmentation may shy away from having one, due to several common misconceptions about the procedure. Let’s address some common myths vs. the realities of lip augmentation.

Myth: Getting a lip augmentation is painful.

Reality: We can perform a lip augmentation procedure in the comfort of our San Francisco office with topical agents, nerve blocks or a gas that reduces one’s anxiety and discomfort. Whether you choose to get an injectable dermal filler to enhance your lips, or opt for a tissue graft, we make patient safety and comfort our top priority.

Myth: Lip augmentation will result in an unnatural look and feel to my lips.

Reality: Yes, this can happen, lips can be too big! However, the unnatural look is often due to the patient wanting “more” volume, which others may find just too much. We provide our patients examples of various post treatment results to avoid such conditions using computer morphing. This provides my patients an opportunity to see various post treatment options.

Regarding the feeling of one’s lips after treatment, dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a substance your body produces organically. Similarly, tissue grafting is a simple process that transfers tissue from one part of your body or donor dermis to your lips. Either way, lip augmentation results in fuller lips that look and feel completely natural.

Myth: Lip augmentation will make me look over-operated.

Reality: When performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, a lip augmentation is highly customizable and extremely subtle. Even your closest friends and family members will notice you look better, without guessing that you had a cosmetic procedure.

Is lip augmentation right for you?

As the patient, you have plenty of input regarding your desired results from a lip augmentation, including the final size and shape. During a pre-procedure consultation, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Kulick will review photos of your vision of your ideal lips with you and discuss all your options and preferences. To learn more, contact Dr. Kulick.

Dr Michael KulickDr. Michael Kulick, MD is a leading board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, California. During an initial consultation, he’ll examine your individual anatomy, discuss all your options, and create a unique treatment plan along with any other necessary procedures. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of plastic surgery and are looking for a qualified cosmetic surgeon, use this online form to request a consultation with Dr. Kulick or call 415-956-2550.