Absolutely YES in terms of removing unwanted fat cells! Based on a patient’s request for one treatment with lasting improvement in terms of body contour, liposuction has become the surgical procedure of choice for both men and women who want a smoother, sleeker, more toned appearance. It is much less invasive than the traditional tummy tuck, and the recovery process is significantly shorter and less painful. Nevertheless, many prospective patients want to know if liposuction is a permanent solution?

Liposuction, the process of removing unwanted fat below your skin with the use of suction, can markedly improve the appearance and contours of your body. It is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the United States. While it is not designed to bring about significant weight loss, you can expect to shed as much as a quart or pound of fat following the operation.

The nagging fear of many post-liposuction patients is that the fat will come back, inflating the treatment area and essentially bringing them back to square one. Relax, this does not happen. The fat cells that are removed do not return. The fat cells left behind, however, can expand.

The good news is that we are genetically scripted to have extra calories consumed turned into fat. Some patients store this extra energy fat in various places on their bodies; usually the thighs or abdomen. The stomach liposuction procedure permanently removes the unwanted fat cells from your abdomen. They will not grow back. As long as you do not gain a significant amount of weight, over ten percent of your body weight, you will retain your post-surgical appearance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that contains a nutritious diet and regular exercise can help to ensure that you do not put on these unwanted extra pounds in the areas treated by liposuction.

why liposuction is a permanent solution

Liposuction is a permanent solution that can have other desired effects

For many patients, moderate weight gain can actually help them to achieve the appearance they have always wanted. For example, the fat taken out of the abdomen during a stomach liposuction procedure will not grow back, and moderate weight gain will usually not show up in that area since there are fewer existing fat cells there. Instead, the extra calories/energy storage facilitated by fat might go to the chest or the buttocks, two areas that many patients would like to see augmented. So liposuction may have a benefit in two ways – it can remove the unwanted bulges for the abdomen and thighs and place fat (energy storage) in more desirable locations.

Liposuction is a permanent solution helping millions of Americans, men and women, young and old, to get the smooth and sculpted bodies they have always wanted. With countless satisfied patients and decades of experience in his field, you can count on Dr. Kulick to help you reach your cosmetic goals. There is no time like the present.

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