There are many different reasons women seek breast implant surgery – whether they want to feel more feminine and sexy, need to help balance out asymmetrical or underdeveloped breasts or wish to reshape their bodies after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The latest surgical options and techniques have improved breast augmentation considerably. This procedure can help women get the natural-looking results they desire, while simultaneously boosting their self-confidence and body image.

While several different factors play a role in getting the ideal surgical outcome you want, these three benefits of modern breast augmentation surgery make it easier than ever before to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Breast Implant Options

When it comes to choosing the right breast implant options for their individual body shape and goals, not all implants are created equal. Women considering breast augmentation have several choices to make when it comes to the size, shape and material of the implants they get.

Consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Michael Kulick, will help you understand what various breast implant options can and cannot realistically help you achieve. In breast augmentation surgery, a significant portion of a plastic surgeon’s responsibility is determining each woman’s ultimate aesthetic goal, then deciding how best to help her get there from her current look.

Even if you’ve only begun to scratch the surface of learning about breast implant options, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the saline vs. silicone implants * debate. While saline implants use a sterile saltwater solution, silicone implants include a thick, viscous polymer. Of the two materials, silicone tends to be more popular because women say it has a more natural look and feel. Both types of implants are FDA-approved. ** There is an implant called iDeal breast implant that may bridge the “positives” of both classic implants.

However, if a silicone implant ruptures, it can sometimes be difficult to tell – in fact, this issue is called a “silent rupture.” It is more obvious when a saline implant develops a leak because it will deflate, changing the appearance of your breast. In either case, you will want a cosmetic surgeon to remove and/or replace the implant.

In addition to choosing between saline vs. silicone, you also must decide what breast implant shape you want. In the past, the only implant shape available was round, but developmental advances have led to the creation of both round and teardrop implant shapes, giving women more flexibility and possibilities when it comes to modern breast augmentation.

Improved Surgical Techniques

In addition to having a wider range of implant options, you can also discuss a few different surgical techniques with your cosmetic surgeon to see what might be best for you. An experienced plastic surgeon with an aesthetic eye can help you pick the right incision type and breast implant placement based on your needs.

Dr. Kulick recommends three possible locations for the incisions: under the arms, around the nipple area or in the creases underneath the breasts. He makes the incisions in these discreet places to keep the scars as unobtrusive as possible. With help from your doctor, you will decide where to place the incision for your procedure, based on your personal preference and anatomy.Breast Implant Options You and your surgeon will also need to select whether you want to place the implant over or under your pectoral muscles.

Importance of Beautiful, Natural-Looking Results

A few decades ago, many women got breast implants with the goal of getting overly dramatic and even somewhat unrealistic-looking results. If you were concerned about your breasts looking “fake” or “overdone” after surgery, you can put those worries to rest. For most women today, the goal of breast augmentation is to increase their breast volume and improve asymmetry in a subtler way that leads to a natural-looking bustline.

Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who is fully up to date on breast enhancement options, techniques and trends is the best way to get the outcome you’re looking for. A cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Kulick is also an excellent resource to help you better understand the differences between implant types, for example, and to develop a customized surgical plan tailored to meet your unique goals.

San Francisco’s Leading Breast Surgery Specialist

Having practiced cosmetic surgery in San Francisco for more than 20 years, Dr. Michael Kulick has become a well-respected expert in cutting-edge surgical techniques that help patients look and feel their best. He has earned board certification from the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and was recognized by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) as the Recipient of the Klingbeil Award – Teaching Safe Techniques and Advanced Technologies which is a sign that a doctor has committed to upholding the highest possible standards of surgical judgment, technical expertise and ethics.

If you’re considering a breast augmentation in the San Francisco area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kulick by calling 415-956-2550 or reaching out online. This surgery is an investment in yourself, and under the care of a consummate professional.

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