Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kulick stays knowledgeable in regard to the latest technology in order to bring his patients the best cosmetic treatments available. One of the latest breakthroughs in age-defying non-surgical skin care is photorejuvenation. This is a revitalizing alternative for patients not interested in surgical options.

Photorejuvenation is a term used to describe a non-ablative facial treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to reduce the signs of aging most often caused by sun damage. The treatment works by using multiple wavelengths that pass through a rectangular crystal and into the skin. Without disrupting the skin’s epidermal surface, IPL provides dramatic results to anyone looking to reduce sun-induced freckles, rosacea, birthmarks and other blemishes.

IPL is cleared by the FDA, and a session only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

To learn more about photorejuvenation, contact our San Francisco office to set up a private consultation.