Every time you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, it’s probably not hard to analyze your body and focus on your imperfections. After all, we are our own worst critics. For many, the tummy area, spare tire, or love handles continue to be a major source of discontentment. Whatever you call yours, believe it or not, these stores of excess padding may actually turn out to be your face’s best friend through a process called fat grafting.

Today’s cutting-edge plastic surgeons are moving beyond the highly invasive surgical interventions that traditionally were costly, highly involved and took patients weeks to recover from. Modern advances have made using a facial surgery procedure called fat grafting possible. This procedure recruits some of the fat that’s causing problems for you around your waistline and moves it to other parts of your body for the purposes of filling and augmenting. It can even be used to minimize the effects of disfiguring scarring. Those that suffer from damaging acne scars can benefit from a fat grafting procedure.

Fat grafting, particularly in the face, has become the trademark of today’s cosmetic facial surgery. It is most often used in conjunction with more traditional procedures such as facelifts. In recent years, experts such as Dr. Kulick have perfected the procedures that enable unwanted tissue from elsewhere in the body to be used to smooth lines and wrinkles, augment and shape sagging or overly small breasts and reduce scarring.

The grafting procedure is a relatively simple one. First, the fat is removed from your tummy or waistline via liposuction. Then the fat tissue is purified and injected into the desired area. Common areas where it is used to increase volume and fullness include the jawline, cheeks, nasolabial folds and the area below your eyes.

As well as plumping up the cheeks and other facial tissue, fat from your love handles may actually improve the overall appearance of your skin. This is because adipose stem cells that are responsible for regeneration in your skin are found in the purified fat that is injected into your face.

plumping cheeks with fat grafting

If you have bags under your eyes, are tired of your crow’s feet or frown lines, would like your acne scars improved or are experiencing sagging and thinning in your cheeks, consider how some of the extra fat you’re carrying around your middle might give you the glowing, youthful look you have been seeking. The fat grafting procedure is safe, has a short recovery period and is not nearly as invasive as traditional surgical options. At last, you might have something nice to say about those love handles.

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