Is plastic surgery generally only performed on women? If you answered “yes” to this question, you may want to take a look at the changes that are sweeping the plastic surgery industry. This is especially true if you are a man looking to boost your self-esteem and transform your appearance. Cosmetic surgery is not just for women.

Cultural and Media Influences

These days, women are not the only ones who are taking heed of what popular culture and the media are advising. Youth and beauty have begun to loom large in everyone’s lists of cosmetic goals, men included.

In addition to exercising, cosmetic procedures are becoming the vehicle that many guys are using to gain the chiseled, macho appearance they see on television, online and in magazines. In fact, the number of men getting plastic surgery skyrocketed by over 106 percent between 1997 and 2012 according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Reasons Men Get Cosmetic Procedures

Of course, enhancing their appearance or bringing it back to its youthful peak is the main reason most gentlemen see professionals such as Dr. Kulick. Many obtain jawline augmentation, liposuction or pectoral and gluteal implants to enhance their manly appearance, with some going for the “ripped body builder” look. Men are also looking to improve the appearance of their skin. They appreciate the ability to reduce unwanted redness, brown spots and even fine wrinkles using non-invasive technology. Many men are looking to reduce unwanted hair. Even improving the appearance of one’s nose in terms of profile is something that many men are considering.

There are also other factors that are compelling men to make cosmetic surgical changes. In a highly competitive job market, many men take these steps in order to improve their overall appearance. Looking young or improving things that have bothered you, being physically fit and virile can go a long way toward helping someone land a high-powered position. The seasoned executive may also want some cosmetic tweaking, getting a neck, face and eyelift as well as a jawline contour. Many non-invasive procedures are ideally suited for men that want subtle improvements.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

Men now realize there is nothing to fear regarding cosmetic improvements. For men who are feeling the effects of aging, sun damage and gravity, there are numerous non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can go a long way toward restoring the youthful glow and elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, operations such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery), liposuction to remove unwanted fat and show off more muscle, eyelid surgery, reducing gynecomastia (to eliminate the dreaded “man breasts”), and ear reshaping have become very popular with men in recent years.

If a lifetime in front of the mirror has made you all too aware of your physical imperfections, you may very well be an excellent candidate for any number of popular procedures that men are receiving these days. In a world that, like it or not, is obsessed with youth, virility and good looks, these procedures are safe and can be performed by Dr. Kulick, who is highly experienced, and can provide you the treatments options that may just provide you the look you want.