These days, many types of medical procedures are becoming less invasive. Less invasive is a term that all potential patients want. Who wants to deal with a recovery time? That includes joint replacements and gallbladder operations among others, but did you know that the same is true for nose jobs? Before you put the idea of a surgical rhinoplasty aside, you should learn about these “non-surgical” procedures to determine which option is the best choice for a nose job.

For years, people have been having nose jobs, clinically known as rhinoplasty, in order to modify the size and shape of their nose. The goal is to give better symmetry and balance to the rest of their face. In today’s quick-fix culture, it’s no wonder that products have come on the market that are designed to short-circuit the risks and recovery time involved in a surgical rhinoplasty. These include instant nose lifters and straighteners, fillers, clips and plugs that claim to bestow all of the anticipated results of a surgical rhinoplasty that are performed in a short time and for a lot less cost.

The problem is that there is no research to prove that these instant beauty cures actually work or parallel what a surgical result can provide. In fact, an experienced nose surgeon will probably point to the likelihood of a misshapen nose due to poorly placed lifters or damaged cartilage, nasal bone irregularities not to mention the financial loss, that these previous procedures leave behind. Even injectables, which have proven to be more effective for specific goals than the other new solutions, only yield temporary results. With millions of successful nose jobs having been accomplished over the years, it makes far better sense to consider why traditional surgery is still the wiser choice.

Why a surgical procedure is the best choice for a nose job

What can a traditional rhinoplasty do for you? Although the restoration of balance and better symmetry are definite benefits, having a rhinoplasty can do much more. The advantages can include helping with breathing difficulties and snoring, reversing or minimizing the effects of trauma or congenital damage and improving self-esteem. In addition, the changes that plastic surgery brings about will be long lasting. An experienced nose surgeon is not just a scientist; he or she is also an artist who will be committed to providing you the pathway for the nose you have always wanted in the safest and most painless way possible.

Your final result is not instantaneous; the healing process requires your patience as initial swelling may cause concern. Communication of your concerns during your healing process with your surgeon is very important. With the help of an experienced nose surgeon such as Dr. Kulick and his dedicated staff, you can get the look you have been dreaming of with dedicated professionals by your side from your first consultation until your final post-surgical visit.

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