Some women are blessed with naturally full, sensual and perky breasts. Others, however, may not be satisfied with their breast size and wonder if exercise will enlarge your breasts. You may have read about home remedies like diet, exercise and even “miracle” creams and pills as a natural way to increase breast size. However, your unique genetic makeup * is the primary factor contributing to your breast size, as well as other factors such as your body weight, age and your pregnancy and breastfeeding history.

Myths and Facts About Exercise and Breast Enhancement

What are your options when heredity didn’t give you the breast size you wanted? Can you really workout to get larger breasts? Even in our modern fitness-crazed era – where more and more women are discovering the benefits of lifting weights – there are still many misconceptions around how exercise affects breast size.

Some women think they don’t need to do chest exercises at all, since their breast tissue covers up their chest muscles. Others believe they can get bigger breasts if they just do enough push-ups. The reality is that neither of these are true.

In fact, chest-focused exercises for women bring a wide range of benefits. ** And, while consistent chest exercises will help build up the muscle underneath your breasts, there are no muscles within your breasts themselves – which is why exercising alone won’t make “your breasts” look bigger or back to your younger state. However, by working your pectoral muscles, you may make your breasts look bigger and perkier. In other words, the cumulative effects of your chest workouts will be more akin to a breast lift than they will to a breast augmentation.

Understanding Breast Anatomy

If you look at this overview *** from Johns Hopkins Medicine, you’ll see that breasts are comprised of both fat and breast tissue – the lobules and ducts that come into play during breastfeeding. Like many women, you may notice temporary breast growth during your monthly menstrual cycle, thanks to the hormonal rollercoaster of estrogen and progesterone. Breast size also increases during pregnancy and lactation to prepare for milk production. After menopause, a drop in your estrogen levels will cause your breast tissue to shrink and lose shape.

Body Weight and Breast Size

In adult women and men, any increase in breast size often accompanies a person’s weight gain or loss.

When you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain body fat. However, it’s not possible to target these fat deposits in the breasts only. Instead, increasing your caloric intake will lead to overall increases in fat deposits throughout your body. The distribution of the “extra” calories will be dependent upon your genetic profile.

Furthermore, being overweight can increase the risk of several serious health conditions, **** including diabetes, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. Clearly, it would be dangerous to your health to try to gain weight merely to increase your breast size.

Fitness and Weight Training for Women

As mentioned earlier, lifting weights will not promote breast growth, but it will increase the size of the underlying pectoral muscles, which can lead to a more uplifted appearance. Incorporating a regular resistance training routine in addition to cardio can do wonders to tone and tighten your muscles, improving your self-esteem and body image along the way.

For best results, add strength training exercises that target the pectoral muscles – like chest presses, push-ups, pullovers and flyes ***** – into your workout routine.Breast Augmentation Surgery Perform two to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of the exercise for optimal results. Yoga can also be an excellent addition to your fitness routine because it encourages better postural alignment, which will support your core and spine and help you carry yourself better.

Are You a Good Candidate for Surgical Breast Enhancement?

If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, are in good physical and mental health and your breasts have fully finished developing, breast augmentation surgery is still your best option for improving the size of your breasts. Many women with asymmetrical or undersized breasts opt for this procedure, as do women whose breasts have lost volume and shape after pregnancy, weight fluctuation or aging.

In a breast augmentation surgery, a talented surgeon such as Dr. Michael Kulick will place a specially designed silicone or saline implant under your breast tissue or muscle. The result of this surgery will be a fuller, more feminine bustline that still looks and feels very natural.

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? The first step is to find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to discuss your unique goals and help you decide how to achieve the ideal outcome for you. For the leading breast augmentation surgeon in San Francisco, contact Dr. Kulick to schedule your consultation today.

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