Turning 50 y/o, this woman was unhappy with the laxity of the neck skin and naso-labial fold region, the woman was looking for improvement in these areas. Receiving “fillers” in the naso-labial fold region and lower eyelid were a temporary correction she no longer wants to do. She wanted a more permanent solution. She was also concerned about looking pulled if she received a SMAS facelift. The laser vertical facelift was an ideal option for her.

5 years after undergoing a laser vertical facelift and lower eyelid procedure using her own fat to fill in the “trough deformity,” she has a lasting improvement in her naso-labial fold area and neck. There is a natural blend between her cheek area and her lower eyelid region where she had previous “fillers” to deal with the trough deformity of the lower eyelid region.



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