Do you ever find yourself in front of the mirror staring at your sagging skin? You’d love to look younger by getting a facelift, but you are scared your face would look like it’s been pulled back, think the wind blowed look and you’d have visible scarring. It’s time to shatter the glass of fear. The best facelift in San Francisco and perhaps in the country is known as a laser assisted vertical facelift developed and perfected by Dr. Michael Kulick. This modern technique can give you the natural, younger look you desire.

Stand in front of the mirror again. This time place two fingers on your cheek below your lower eyelid. Mimic a traditional facelift by pulling straight back, examining the impact on your mouth and nasolabial fold. The nasolabial fold appears better but the corners of the mouth may look worse. Unsatisfied with traditional facelift techniques, Dr. Kulick developed his laser assisted vertical facelift to shorten recovery time with less bruising, pain, and to NOT have you look like you have a “pulled” look.

Now, try lifting the skin up to your lower eyelid. You can see the potential transformation with Dr. Kulick’s vertical facelift, resulting in natural and refined sculpting. As a world renown surgeon and early pioneer for lasers in aesthetic procedures, he wrote a book on laser technology use in plastic surgery – Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery.

Why Dr. Kulick’s Procedure Is The Best

Laser light – rather than all knife – is used to separate skin tissue. This type of energy can help dissect into the nasolabial fold with less bleeding. During the procedure, the heat from the laser is constantly sealing all the tiny blood vessels to prevent bleeding from occurring and to allow minimal bruising. One potential side effect of traditional facelifts is a hematoma, a blot clot under the skin. Using laser assisted vertical facelift to date, Dr. Kulick has not had one patient suffer from this type of complication. His patients also report very little or just minimal pain after surgery. Recovery time can be up to 50 percent less than traditional methods using a scalpel to separate facial tissue.

The tight rubber band pulled back look is eliminated. This laser assisted procedure allows Dr. Kulick to lift the skin all the way to the nose. In the traditional “SMAS” (sub-muscular aponeurotic system) facelift method, the surgeon pulls back the SMAS layer next to the nose, which may cause an unnatural pulled back look after the healing process.0041-1of6 Scarring in the hairline behind the ear and pulling leads many patients to feel self-conscious about their lift – providing a new set of negative feelings about themselves before a facelift correction.

Dr. Kulick’s best developed method lifts the facial issue upward – hence the name vertical lift. Besides improving the fullness next to the corner of the nose, sagging skin across the cheek, neck and jowl line, patients also report feeling like they look as if they have a natural smile vs. having a pulled look, an unnatural facial repose. Research tells us that a smile is contagious, making us appear more attractive to others, lifting our mood, as well as the moods of those around us. *


Side effects of traditional facelifts can result in the sagging and draping of skin along the cheek which makes the patient look aged again. The laser facelift has long-lasting results with even patients 8 years after surgery maintaining results from the treatment

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Age is just a number. If you are unhappy with how your skin has changed and want a facelift for you, your health is good, then you’d be the perfect person to use plastic surgery as a pathway to improve upon these facial aging concerns. Maybe you’ve tried the thousands of over the counter creams, lotions, and pills to try to achieve youthful looking skin. But the minute you stop using them, your skin seems to look worse than when you started. You’ve seen the botch-ups of other cosmetic surgeons, and you know you don’t want that. However, you’re willing to do your research. Here are some questions to ask Dr. Kulick and his team before any facelift is performed written from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons**:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure? If so, at which hospitals?
  • Is the office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency, or is it state-licensed or Medicare-certified?
  • Am I good candidate for this procedure?
  • Where and how will you perform my procedure?
  • What surgical technique is recommended for me?
  • How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery?
  • What is the risk and complications associated with a facelift?
  • How are complications handled?
  • How can I expect my face to look over time?
  • What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the cosmetic outcome of my facelift?

As a pioneer with also more than 20 years of surgical experience, author and lecturer, Dr. Michael Kulick, MD, is the leader in laser assisted vertical facelift surgeries. Check out these with patient testimonials to really see why he is the best facelift surgeon in San Francisco. If you would like to discuss changing the face you see in the mirror and getting that facial appearance you had before, contact Dr. Kulick today.

*Source: Psychology Today

**Source: American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

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